Why Composite?

There are several reasons why many photographers have turned to composite photography. In certain cases, it might be because of a client’s budget or the amount of time you have with the talent, or should I say, lack there of. It could be due to the weather or uncontrollable circumstances. Sometimes, it's just difficult to get all of the stars to align, so to speak. As for me, in most cases, it’s a way to craft an image the way my mind sees it; to evoke a mood or feeling of my expression.

Compositing is a way to make everything come together when otherwise not possible. It allows me to problem solve by adding or taking away elements. It also enables me to focus on each element of the photograph separately, and combine them to give an image more impact in order to make it better or more interesting.

At times, it’s as simple as adding a sky to a photo to add drama. In other cases, perhaps adding someone or something that wouldn’t be possible in real life. Compositing allows me to explore, and not limit, my creative vision.

This post was inspired by Erik Almas. He is not only one of my favorite photographers and composite artist, but he is also one of the top commercial photographers in the business. Thank you Erik for your inspiration! Your work is truly one of a kind.