Photo shoot "Physique"

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine, Chris Nelson facebooked me about doing a photo shoot. He informed me he was training for the NPC Men’s Physique Competition and wanted to get some photos taken to show off all of the hard work and discipline he endured to get his body to it’s peak level. It was his first time ever competing in an event like this and has worked extremely hard to get to this point. I believe it! Take a look at this guy.

Above: This image is a composite photo shot with a two light set up against a white backdrop

Above: This photo was also shot with the same two light set up

Knowing Chris for only a short time. I asked him what his motivation was? What was his goal? He told me that in high school he was always the skinny kid, weighing 112 pounds soaking wet. When he got to college he started lifting but didn't have the proper knowledge about nutrition and ate whatever he wanted because he had a fast metabolism.

Above: This was a two light set up shot against a black backdrop (One main light and one edge light)

Although his knowledge of training and nutrition grew over time, he still lacked information he was not going to get just by Googling it. Over the past 2-3 years his body has been the same, hovering around 175-178 pounds. In January of 2013, he decided to follow a program called HIIT 100, by fitness expert Jim Stoppani. When he started the program he was 178 pounds at 22% body fat, which really surprised him. He had considered himself in shape, however, looking back at pictures, he had accumulated the dreaded love handles. So, he was determined to set a new goal for himself.

Above: These images were also shot with the same two light set up as the previous image

The goal was to build a better physique than he had when he was in his 20's, and compete in an NPC Men’s Physique Competition, Masters Division. To Inspire and motivate others through his personal transformation. By April of 2013, he completed a 6-week program and dropped his body fat down to 11-12%. It was at this time he started to think about competing in a show, but he knew he couldn't do one by himself so he started looking for a coach. He considered himself advanced when it came to working out, however, competition diet is another story. He looked online for coaches, but was unsuccessful. As he researched further, he soon found someone local to him. A man by the name of Lee Banks, who just happened to be an IFBB Pro. One phone call to Lee, on a Sunday afternoon in May of 2013, set him on his next journey. Since his time training with Lee, he has shed even more body fat as well as looking and feeling better than ever. The result blew him away and was still 3 weeks out from his first competition, which was “The 2013 Dexter Jackson Classic”. Needless to say, his journey began not knowing where he would end up, but knowing what he wanted, a better physique. I believe he accomplished that and more.